Understanding SMS Marketing Services

When short messaging services (SMS) began to gain popularity it was evident that it was going to start a revolution and it actually did. It changed how people socialized and how they communicated within limited words. The message became creative with punchy endings to drive the point home. Fast forward to the 21st century and the world has fully embraced SMS amid the various competitions from the new internet based messaging services. However, since not everyone is open to Smartphones SMSs are still popular. Among the various individuals that have benefited through SMS are the advertisers through the short messaging service (SMS) marketing services.

In a sense this kind of marketing focuses on the use of text messaging to send a marketing message. This kind of services involves coming up with one or more test messages that contain product information, new product and any specials. The services may be done by the company or they might outsource to a marketing company. This kind of services has been well received although it is relatively a new concept; actually it originated from the wireless industry. Initially this kind of messaging was started by the cellular companies, who would use it to interact with their clients. And SMS is big business with bulk SMS reseller embracing the power of these powerful medium of communication. The cellular companies had an advantage in that they already had a customer base and also they had access to their mobile phone numbers.

In addition, these companies had the right technology and together with the access it was an easy option for them to roll out this kind of service. The marketing services could be utilized by companies as means of promoting their upcoming products which could be just anything pertaining to the products they offer from a mobile phone to a new service. The messages were sent through the companies’ cellular networks. In most cases all those that are involved in the SMS marketing typically have an already established relationship with the customer and a reason the phone numbers are easy to get. One of the drawbacks of this kind of the service is the fact that it seems very invasive to the customer. So in order to deal with the issue properly the companies will request for permission from the customer on sending marketing messages.

There are various advantages of SMS marketing. For instance the message is cheap and very fast in the way the messages are sent therefore reaching a large number of people at the same time. And messages are cheaper than making phone calls, in a way a company can even send bulk SMS as one of their marketing agendas. The other advantage associated with this kind of marketing services is the fact that if the customer is aware of the company the services will feel very personal. Once an SMS has been sent there is a very high chance that it will be opened by the recipient thereby reading the message, which is different compared to sending mail which might remain unopened. The SMS services needs to be very precise and clear in its choice of words because of the limitation of 160 characters per SMS. For more info on how to send sms, visit http://www.smscentral.com.au/

Writen by Vera Lori